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38.   DfiVABlYA I.

Prandha Devaraya* ruled at Vijayanagara from 6. 1325
Svabhanu to S. 1B46 for 21 years.

Kaifiyat of Malamidikambhaladinn.c, Cuddapah District, L. . 37, p. 299.



While Harihara II was reigning at Vijayanagara, Praudha
Devaraya Vodaya was governing the province of Udayagiri.
Cennareddi, Annareddi, and Mallareddi, the lords of Addanki in
the east, having entered the district of Pulugulanadu with his
array, caused much disturbance, as a consequence of which
several villages such as Siiigamaneyadipattanam, Battaluru,
Peda-Bukkapattanam,aiid Cina-Bukkapattanam were destroyed.

Devaraya Vodaya marched from Vijayanagara at the Siead
of an army, and captured the fort of Udayagiri. He despatched
a portion of an army to Candragiri, and Cennareddi and others
of Addanki were obliged to evacuate the district and retreat to
the east. The people who left their homes owing to the
violence caused by the invaders then returned, and began to
restore the villages that had been destroyed.

Kaijiyat of Bukkapattanam> L.R. 17, pp. 178-9.



While Pedaraya-Vodayalu (Harihara II) was reigning at
Vijayanagara, his son Mahamandalesvara Praudha Vodaya
(Devaraya I) was governing the province of Udayagiri. Owing
to the illness of his father, Praudha Vodaya was obliged to pay
a visit to Vijayanagara. Taking advantage of his absence at
Udayagiri, Cennareddi, Annareddi and Mallareddi sons of
Perumallareddi, an younger brother of Vemareddi, the lord of
Addankijf laid siege to the fort of Eacavidu and captured it.

*DeVaraya I was also known as Pran$ba Devaraya ; but the regnal years furnished
by the Kalfiyat are slightly at variance with those supplied by the inscription.1?.
fThe writer of the Kaifiyat is wrong in making Annare^ an<* Mallare44i brother*.
From the summaries of Mallare^'s iuscrpitions given below, it is seen that Anna *nd
Malla were father and son and descendants of Anna, (not Cenn30, one of the younger
broth*r of Vfma., th fotmdef of th R*<J4i Hutfcbm* "